Namibia Namibia Photo Trip

Namibia Photo Tour 2021 - The Pearls of the Namib Desert and the Spitzkoppe

Dionys Moser has spent a total of two and a half years in Namibia since 2000 and knows Namibia very well! With that background of this big and comprehensive Namibia experience we have created a special photo tour for demanding photographers who want to see more than just a bit of red sand.
Rely on Dionys Moser's years of Namibia experience!
We deliberately do not disclose details of our chosen accommodation and our travel routes here.
But I can assure you that our guests will be super excited.
I guarantee you that!

Namibia has a great demand in the tourism sector.
A booking and the associated reservation of the accommodation is therefore absolutely necessary at a very early stage!
We have to return unsold seats 6 months before the actual trip! But I do not think we will have free spots left on this fantastic journey.. :-)

Those who have done some research about Namibia already know that traveling in this country has become very expensive.
This is why we are so keen to offer you a very high quality trip at a very fair price.
We have a new partner in Namibia and are therefore fortunate enough to offer a tour that is extremely difficult to imitate.
Sure, you can travel to the very same places ...
We have a huge knowledge about this country from several years of experience and are therefore able to show you the best spots avoiding other tourists.
We will eat in the best restaurants and so on….