Phototour Ladakh - Spiti

We have successfully completed our pilot trip to Ladakh. We are overwhelmed by the scenic beauty. Also the cultural history holds so many photographic treasures around the visited areas.

Many want to go to Bhutan ... why?
What you will see in Bhutan, Ladakh also holds in store for you, but the landscape of Ladakh is much nicer, more varied and therefore more interesting. In Bhutan you have hundreds of kilometers where there is nothing to see because you are driving through forests. Trees left and right as far as the eye can see… If you are looking for a trip like this, where you will see nothing but trees you should go to Bhutan. I personally recommend Ladakh and Spiti.
The landscapes are gigantic, exciting, colorful and unbelievably photogenic in this unique light and this altitude!
Everyone would re-visit Ladakh and Spiti but nobody would go to to Bhutan twice…and why would that be?

Our Ladakh trip leads into one of the most remote areas in the world! The kingdom of Ladakh is in the Trans Himalaya and thus surrounded by high mountains up to 7`000 meters altitude.
It lies in the rain shadow of the Himalayas and is therefore a dry area even through the monsoon season in summer. Every now and then a thunderstorm takes over and with its clouds creates a wonderful atmosphere. The area is politically peaceful; the king only has a symbolic function and lives as a normal citizen amongst the population.
The landscape and the culture in this part of the Himalayas is very impressive and extremely photogenic for us. You will not only be delighted by the light, your soul will feel very well in this area also. The magnificent light moods in the mountains, the encounters with people in their everyday life, in the fields, in temples, at festivities and so on will quickly warm and open our hearts.
This photo trip will offer a great variety!

We will visit a lot of sights but we will also offer other things, which a normal tourist will not be able to discover.
The smallest villages are embedded in the barren canyons and shine as colored spots and with the green fields as islands in a huge mountain landscape.
Again and again we meet centuries-old monasteries, which are elevated in a valley, built at the most beautiful point.
The mountains are a fantastic backdrop with up to 7000 meters altitude. We move between 3200 meters and will also cross the highest pass with 5360 meters above sea level.
There are no difficult or strenuous hikes planned. It does not need a physical condition for this trip. At the beginning of the trip we spend three days in Leh for the slow acclimatization.

The impressive visits to temples and monasteries you will not forget for a long time.
Highlights of the trip are also the fantastic blue lake Tso Moriri, the salt lake near Sokar and the countless, partly gigantic rock pyramids in ravines and mountain slopes, which are up to 100 meters high! Since we have discovered a few very special treats for you, far from tourism ...!
Ladakh and Spiti. Places to visit: Delhi, Leh, Alchi, Lamayuru, Tso Moriri and Tsokar, Spiti and many other great places without names!
Gigantic mountain and ravine landscapes, thousands of stone pyramids in gigantic proportions, colorful landscapes, monasteries and villages,
Everyday life in Ladakh, visit of villages, monasteries, temples, festivities, animals and plants.

We have a very experienced, local partner for this trip! In addition a fantastic, local guide, who will also bring us to great places!
Therefore we can guarantee absolutely ingenious pictures!
We do not offer a normal tourist trip to Ladakh, this a top photo trip!
The high quality of this photo trip is more than guaranteed!

You will definitely love Ladakh, as we will of course see many things that ordinary tourists never see. Above all, our motto applies here too: at the right place at the right time!